Feedback and questionnaire CFS

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Feedback and questionnaire CFS

To assess the mood of customers in any organization, use a service quality assessment system. In the modern world, especially in large institutions, it is rather difficult to assess the mood of visitors. Using simple reviews from the network, there is no way to accurately understand what level of service in a particular institution. Often you can observe only negative feedback from visitors, which make it possible to identify only very gross violations.

If you want to receive the right information about the mood of the visitors of your organization, then you can use the quality assessment system from our company.

The main “advantages” of technology

This system is designed according to a special scheme to take into account all the requirements and characteristics of customer behavior. The set of the quality assessment system includes a stand with an information plate (four buttons can be placed on it that the visitor clicks on to display his opinion). By clicking on one of these buttons, the client instantly leaves his response about whether he liked the service in the institution.

Having decided to purchase a system for assessing the quality of service, you can get true, up-to-date information on how the institution works. Further, based on this data, you can change something in the service so that the service charge becomes higher in the future.

How technology works

Why you should use a quality assessment system:

Information arrives at the computer instantly.
Data is displayed in real time.
You can evaluate the functioning of each department separately.
It is possible to set the settings for each department, depending on the load, day of the week and other factors.
You can study the effectiveness of each employee.
The visitor saves the owl time for dusting profiles.
The system works smoothly.
Statistics are displayed instantly.
The service consoles themselves are easy to use. The technology can be applied in any institution, both public and private. The system is suitable for commercial clinics, public hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and diagnostic centers. Installing and configuring the software does not take much time.




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